Meet Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia Napoli

Meet Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia Napoli

March 1, 2021
Gennaro Annunziata 
The  sartorial wunderkind creating masterful elegance of CHIAIA Napoli

The heart of CHIAIA Napoli is a combination of innovation by Gennaro Annunziata, one of the youngest and most promising Italian tailors and his father Vincenzo Annunziata’s experience as the historical Neapolitan Trouser-maker.
The aim of CHIAIA Napoli is to become a place of culture where like-minded Gentlemen discuss and share their experiences and concepts.
A place to enlighten your mind, where the most authentic garment is born.

Sartoria CHIAIA Napoli offers traditionally crafted garments to the highest standards with an innovative touch to the bespoke process , allowing the client to experience one of a kind experience, ​​creating a unique customized style.

​From the beginning of his tailoring career, Gennaro Annunziata, has pursued a contemporary tailoring concept by capturing the great beauty of the past, reinterpreting it into the modern world. This is the strong point of CHIAIA. STYLISTIC INDEPENDENCE

There is no limit to imagination. Gennaro and his tailors work together to create an exclusive individual wardrobe, by involving their clients as much as possible. Their workshop fulfills every single desire, from particular orders, like lining and details in tie silk, hand stitching, initials in the gold thread, or any other desired particularities just as more conservative and classic suits or blazers. As for a tailor: Creativity is ​Responsibility. Rigorous control of the entire process: from cutting the fabric to sewing on the buttons is part of the CHIAIA’s sartorial concept to ensure a relaxed tailoring experience for the client and complete smooth production.

What matters most to CHIAIA is the essence of bespoke tailoring and style:
The sum of the quality of the manufacture, handwork, and the fit.
While the fit is of course always a visible aspect, the construction, and handwork inside the suit stay in the background although ​they are what makes the typical CHIAIA suit so light wearing a comfortable and simultaneously elegant and formal.

​All their jackets are entirely hand structured and hand sewed, giving the perfect canvassing shape that the bespoke jackets require. Each one of them is individually cut in our workshop: linings are hand-applied, waistbands are hand sewed on trousers and what is more, all details are entirely handmade: from pick stitching to monograms and buttonholes, these are only some of the many details of the handwork done for a perfect Bespoke production, named CHIAIA Napoli.

The pieces offered by CHIAIA Napoli include all types of tailored clothing from Classic suits to Overcoats, Traditional Formal and Evening pieces, recognizable house styles Jackets and Blazers as well as a range of Bespoke Accessories.​ Fully handmade Bespoke shirts with Hallmark silk details and an abundance of pure hand stitching and custom-made pure cashmere knitwear of the finest, Italian spun yarns.

CHIAIA Napoli – purveyors of bespoke refinement