Interview with Guglielmo Miani

Interview with Guglielmo Miani

April 14, 2021

“Larusmiani has been a symbol of Milanese bespoke tailoring for almost 100 years”

Who are you? Could you tell us a bit about yourself & your background?

My name is Guglielmo Larusmiani, born in Milan in 1976 – today president & chairman Larusmiani.

After pursue my academic career in the United States, graduating in Entrepreneurship and Finance at Babson College in Wellesley, a center of excellence in these disciplines.
I entered my first job at Prudential Securities in Boston, dealing with complex securities and bonds. In 2000, I returned to Italy, pursuing a path in the textile world and acquire the specific know-how. I initially carried out an internship – in the textile chemistry department at Ciba Specialty Chemicals and then, again in the same year, I joined Larusmiani SpA, the company founded by my grandfather Guglielmo Sr. in the 1920s and brought to worldwide success over the course of a century.

Me enter Larusmiani begins in small steps; first at the style office, then in the production of the fabrics division, to finally land in the commercial area, where I initially holds the role of Area Manager for the Emilia Romagna area. Professional growth and a wealth of experience accumulated in previous years lead me to become first Export Manager and finally, in 2004, Director of Business Development.

In 2006 I was appointed CEO and in 2011 President of Larusmiani. The decennial know-how in the textile and haute couture sector – in combination with strong passion & the Larusmiani “breathes” have brought continuity and foresight to the company.

I brought back the company to it’s original address on Via Montenapoleone 7 in 2015 and today we can be seen as the ultimate example of “made in Italy” worldwide.

As president of your well known family business Larusmiani, often appearing in very prestigious media outlets. How would you describe your own style? Larusmiani is a manifestation and the result of my personal style, and the company has been a symbol of Milanese bespoke tailoring for almost 100 years. This means that we represent the understated and sophisticated elegance of a typical Milanese gentleman.


Larusmiani has been open since 1922 and well-known as the absolute menswear & luxury lifestyle heaven for men –  What makes Larusmiani special and could you tell us a bit about the story behind Larusmiani

Larusmiani was founded by my grandfather Guglielmo Miani Sr, who opened his first tailor shop in Milan in 1922. He called his company Larus, Latin for seagull, and then added his last name Miani to the end. He decided to use the seagull as a symbol because it symbolizes freedom, and represents good luck. In addition to bespoke suits he also made raincoats. The seagull’s waterproof feathers is also a symbol of the Larusmiani waterproof raincoat.

We have been tailors for 100 years. In the 1940s to the 1970s we were the largest importers of Britihs fabrics to Italy. In the late 60s we started our own textile division. It now makes 2 million meters of exlusive fabrics each years and is sold to designers worldwide.

This, the know-how of tailoring and fabrics, makes Larusmiani a unique brand with incredible know-how. Another addition to this know-how was the acquisition of G. Lorenzi. Its craftsmanship has been merged into Larusmiani, making us perhaps the most unique luxury brand in Italy.

Where do you find inspiration for the way you dress?

I find inspiration when I create a collection of Larusmiani. I look at my fabrics and yarns and develop clothes that are both for me and my clients.

What is your earliest memory related to menswear and style?

The moments when  I visited our old headquarters on via Manzoni, meeting with my grandfather Guglielmo. He was either in the textile area with thousand of fabrics on the walls or in his office. There he had an extensive library with thousands of books about style and fabrics. he was a very stylish man.

Your style shows a good balance between classic and contemporary. What are your top tips for men trying to dress more elegantly in an age where more and more seem afraid of adopting a traditional masculine style ideal?

We are continuing a tradition, but innovating with our own style. Therefore it’s important, I think, that men should look at the past, but then be modern by mixing certain fabrics and certain pieces. Without being ridiculous, of course. With colors and materials, less is more, if you are not sure.

Your lifestyle involves a lot of traveling and working in a range of situations, yet you still manage to look elegant and at ease on all occasions. What are your tips for building a wardrobe that can keep up with a lifestyle like yours?

I live most of the time in the city or by the sea-side. I always try to have a wardrobe that is ideal for traveling. That means a lot of comfortable cashmere, wool-cashmere, cotton-cashmere blends. I like luxurious sportswear and comfortable pieces like corduroy trousers. For the sea-side, I use a lot of linen in the summer, and I suggest that you invest in iconic basic linen shirts, jackets, and trousers.

For those who have been following you on the famous instagram account of Larusmiani, you are well-known for your interest in cars. How and when did your love for cars get started?

I have been a lover of cars since I was a child. My godfather Renato della Valle (three times offshore world champion) was a keen collector of cars and always showed me his incredible collection. That sparked my love for cars and engines in general. Cars are an ideal synthesis between engineering and style. And also enjoyment, because cars can be driven.

Back in 2013 you managed to acquire the high-end men’s grooming brand G.Lorenzi to give it a second breath within the Via Montenapoleone store. G.Lorenzi was a Milanese institution. Could you tell us a bit more about the family behind it and the products you now offer at Larusmiani?

Aldo Lorenzi was the administrator of G. Lorenzi, which for sure was a Milanese institution. When they closed down, Aldo Lorenzi passed on all of his 100 years of knowledge to me.

All his artisans now work exclusively for Larusmiani. After we sold out Mr. Lorenzi’s old inventory, we have continued to make the same products under the Larusmiani name. He also gave us all his furniture from his old boutique, which has now been installed in our basement floor at via Montenapoleone. He is a perfect gentleman and still advises me on the development of new products for Larusmiani.

If you had to name one person that influenced your style the most, who would that be?

Guglielmo Miani Sr, my grandfather. He was a very stylish man, and a gentleman as well.

Could you select 5 essential Larusmiani items from the selection here on MNSWR: 

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  • Can you mention any essentials in your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2021?


    Guglielmo’s favorite items

    Bulgari Octo Finissimo and Patek Philip Nautilus Blackout by George Bamford

    Tuxedo bomber

    Handmade linen shirt “superlino”

    Silk knitware tie

    Hermes carbon fibre vintage briefcase

    Friulane and Superga

    since 14 years I wear Vetiver of Guerlaine

    leather cigarette holder, crocodile beauty, manicure kit and umbrella!

    Guglielmo’s Favorites

    Most important item: a knife given to me by Mr. Lorenzi

    I only shop at Larusmiani, Car dealers and antique shops


    Favorite Cities
    Milan and Moscow

    Holiday Choice
     Sardinia, St barth, and lake Como

     too many to write

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    my grandfather Guglielmo Miani senior