Meet Angel Ramos of 18th Amendment

Meet Angel Ramos of 18th Amendment

June 6, 2021

“I would also say find beauty and elegance in the simplicity of solid colors. It’s fun to wear the bold patterns, but there’s such a chicness in subtle tones of dressing that always seem to be long lasting, timeless and versatile. “

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? What is your background in the field of menswear and how did you started?

I’m Angel Ramos, Creative Director of 18th Amendment (Formal ANGEL | BESPOKE). I started in the business 12 years ago after doing Luxury Real Estate with Sotheby’s International Realty for 7 years. After a growing obsession with men’s tailoring I left the real estate world after winning “America’s Best Dressed Real Man” by Esquire Magazine. Although I had no experience in the industry of menswear or retail I took a huge risk by creating my own lane in menswear and starting my own brand.

You are designer and founder of 18th Amendment – could you tell us about about your business and how it started? 
I operated under ANGEL | BESPOKE for 8 1/2 years until back in 2019 my business partner and I decided to expand our offerings, and with that felt it was the perfect time to transition the brand into a name that allowed us to create and collaborate on products that expanded beyond just clothing.
You are considered one of the world’s premier style icons in the world of tailoring & classic menswear. How do you find inspiration for the way you dress?

Thank you, I’m extremely flattered by this recognition, however I’m inspired by the world of mens style and films from the 1920s & 30s, historic architecture and art from the 1980s/90s.

What is your earliest memory related to menswear and style? 
Watching my dad get dressed for an evening out with my mother and the level of excellence and attention to detail he put into his ritual of doing so. It was brilliant.
What would you say distinguishes 18th Amendment from other tailoring producers?
We’ve been able to create a world and an aesthetic that bridges the beauty & elegance of a 1920s style classic draped garment with the artistic and eclectic personality of a 1980s NYC artist. It’s Gianni Agnelli meets Jean Michel Basquait.
Your style shows a good balance between classic and contemporary. What are your top tips for men trying to dress more elegantly in an age where more and more seem afraid of adopting a traditional masculine style ideal?

I would say dress according to your frame, not the trends. There’s always interesting trends out, but not all trends and cuts are for every body shape. I would also say find beauty and elegance in the simplicity of solid colors. It’s fun to wear the bold patterns, but there’s such a chicness in subtle tones of dressing that always seem to be long lasting, timeless and versatile.

What would you recommend for someone commissioning their first 18th Amendment Garment?

We always suggest starting with our house favorite which is a charcoal grey suit. It is the most chic suit in our opinion that can be worn in so many formal occasions.

What is the perfect cloth for spring jacket/suit for the American/European/Asian climate?

We love a beautiful and luxury Wool, Silk and Linen from Dormeuil Fabrics. That is the perfect cloth for spring for a worldly gentleman.

What is the perfect jacket for the upcoming spring season?

It would be our Soft Pink Summer Blazer with gold buttons. It’s such a rich cloth that’s soft, breathable and pairs absolutely perfect with formal trousers or a pair of jeans.

Who is your typical client?

The 18th Amendment client is one who is a bon vivant, no matter what industry of work they’re in. It’s a client that is an enthusiast and purveyor of fine tailored clothing, but also has exquisite  taste in food, beverage and of course art.

How has the business changed during the last difficult year of the pandemic, have we learned anything new in terms of doing business? Perhaps more online or new way of working?
The pandemic has certainly taught our business many lessons. Some that hurt, and others that allowed us to clear our vision and see a brighter future. One of the exciting things we’ve been able to implement since pandemic is the launch of our E-Commerce Made To Order Collection, where customers from around the world can purchase garments from our current season collection. It’s allowed us to expand our reach worldwide without the customer having to fly to NYC for a fitting.

On a personal level, If you had to name one person that influenced your style the most, who would that be? 

I certainly have many, but Ralph Lauren has influenced not only my style, but also how I create and cast visions every season stylistically.

What is an essential wardrobe staple you always bring when traveling?
I always travel with our Navy or Black High Twist Fresco Blazer. I wear it with jeans and a cashmere polo or a proper pair of trousers and dress shirt. Both an elegant look to see and very comfortable.
Can you mention any essentials in your wardrobe for Spring/Summer 2021?
Every season I live in a pair of off white trousers. We currently call it your “Summer Sweatpants”
Angel‘s favorite items:
Watch: 1990s Patek Phillipe 5140J
Jacket: Our Soft Pink Blazer from our 2021 Spring / Summer MTO Collection
Shirt: Off White Silk & Cashmere Summer Polo from our 2021 Spring / Summer MTO Collection
Tie: Classic Black or Purple Polk Dot Tie
Bag: My Navy Blue Suede/Leather Brioni Travel Bag
Shoes: Stubbs & Wooton Slippers
Fragrance: Ex Idolo
Accessories: Patek Phillipe 5140
Angel‘s Favorites:
Most important item: My IWC Portuguese that I won after winning Esquire Magazine “America’s Best Dressed Real Man”
Shops: Way too many, But I do Love Paolo Penko in Florence.
Restaurant: Buca dell’Orafo (Florence)
Favorite Cities: Florence, Italy
Holiday Choice: Christmas
Car: 1937 Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic
Style Icon: Rudolph Valentino

Meet Angel Ramos at:

18th Amendment

13 Christopher St. Upper retail 

New York