Sartoria Puppato Venice – Maestro Franco Puppato, Il Doge of sartorial art

Sartoria Puppato Venice – Maestro Franco Puppato, Il Doge of sartorial art

February 11, 2022

In the heart of Venice, a discreet doors and a bell open the world of excellence, rarely seen these days. It is the atelier of maestro Franco Puppato of Sartoria Puppato. Probably the finest artisanal laboratory in Italy, if not the world, at least the sartorial one, Puppato is breathing excellence each and every day, since early 1960s. In the atelier so many awards for his craft are on display, but as well amazing trophies form cycling competitions….all of which demonstrate Maestro Puppato’s determination….to be the best!

Maestro Puppato started at the tailor’s atelier of his uncle Ottavio in vicolo Barberia in Treviso.
By the age of 18, Franco left Treviso to embark on the new journey with a famous master tailor Napoliello, at his atelier.
There, Puppato doesn’t learn only the tailors’
art and craftsmanship, but also the secrets of of the customer’s psychology.
After only two years, Puppato decided to open his own atelier in Calle dei Fabbri in Venice, enriched with knowledge of sartorial technique, incredible creativity. He was ready to express his own artistic style and craftsmanship.

Today, Maestro Puppato is a bespoke choice of some of the most influential men in the world. From politics, royalty, to business and media, they all appreciate the inimitable style of the Doge of sartorial world, Franco Puppato.
In order to understand better the inner richness of this artist-artisan-tailor, one needs to know that maestro believes in his work because he believes in people, and shares that as one of the most important values. For Puppato, true bespoke elegance is above all visible in one’s lifestyle.

“One needs to master tailoring technique in order to play with the creativity” says Puppato. His only regret is that he is witnessing the profession of a tailor coming to an end. Still, his Sartoria is open for talented artisans willing to work and dedicate their life to this noble craft.

At the moment, by his side are his son Alessandro, responsible for business and marketing side of Sartoria Puppato, and Franco’s wife Nadiya, heading the seamstresses. Empty place is waiting one brave, young tailor, to fill it and to learn from the best. Vip clients are ready, too.