Biagio Santo

Biagio Santo

Handcrafted Perfection

Biagio Santo is not a simple brand but a family history from Salento making distinctive, handmade men’s accessories since 1972. The concept on which the excellence of Biagio Santo creations is based is the handcrafted perfection of each of our items.

Our unique instruments are the skillful and delicate hands of our tailors, men and women who cut, fold, sew, stretch our fine fabrics in order to turn them into unique and authentic pieces of craftsmanship, the result of years of experience and of great patience, essential requirements to love our work.
All the production stages are strictly carried out by hand, by different people, so that every step is checked in the next one. The choice of fabrics is also of great importance in our research of perfection. We indeed select the best companies from which we buy luxurious and patiently manufactured fabrics, created with only high-quality raw materials.

Here at Biagio Santo everyone has a role, a specific specialization, through which it is possible to render the product unique both in it’s finishing and precious workmanship. All items are entirely handcrafted and the manufacturing process is linked to sartorial traditions of our land.

Although every step of production is carried out by a different person, entirely by hand, the manufacturing process has a thread of continuity. Giving each production step to a different person means that each tailor or seamstress is the guarantor of the next step, and with their personal touch and point of view contribute towards improving the product, giving it value and character.

All our products can be defined ‘bespoke’, because production only begins after our customers make their order and have specified their preferences. We are happy to satisfy the varied requirements of our customers, making every item produced unique. Here nothing is imposed or left to chance: width of the blade, length, weight of the interlining, type and colour of finishing, the initials to be embroidered are agreed with the customer thus paying homage to his taste and style.

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