Bois 1920

Bois 1920

Attention to Details

Bois 1920 is a brand of artisan perfumes from Florence that expresses the Galardi family’s passion for the art of perfume-making which is handed down from one generation to another.

The story all began in the 1920 when the grandfather Guido Galardi starts experimenting, the first formulas in his tiny workshop in Florence. He began collecting the “Spigo” (Lavander flowers) which ripens on the Florentine hills. His pursuit mixes different expressive features: essential oils, scented solutions, perfumed bags. All these characteristics inspire and shape the brand Bottega Italiana Spigo 1920 (BOIS 1920) which acquires a worldwide importance over the years along with recognised rewards.

In 2012 Bois 1920 was selected among the best five olfactory expressions at the FiFi Awards (the Oscars of perfumery) in New York.

Today Bois 1920 represents the added value in the niche perfumery sector playing an active role towards new olfactory versions that need to be explored and worn. A role that engage, inspire and harmonize our senses.

The attention to details -fundamental philosophy of the brand- is what characterises, makes unique and identifies itself. Each fragrance of Bois 1920 collection expects a skilful and accurate study behind and the result is the outcome of ideas and imaginations, concepts materialisation, planning. Based on these primary premises, each component, which forms, differentiates and enriches the final product, has to be considered as an artwork.

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