FAS Pendezza

FAS Pendezza

Design, Fun and Culture

FAS Pendezza Srl. was born in 1964 in Villa d’Ogna, in the Upper Val Seriana, following the great intuition of Alfonso Pendezza and his brother Davide: to create devices for games and fun for adults and children, made from raw materials of the highest quality and put together by the best craftsmen in the tradition of the Bergamo valleys. Thus were born: table football, table tennis and the billiard table of FAS, icon of elegance and quality. Appreciated as works of excellence by Italian craftsmen, the products with the name FAS Pendezza have earned and consolidated national and international recognition through the years.

The couple of architects and designers Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari entered the architectural scene in 1997, starting the Associate Studio that bears their name. With their first project of design, the collection “Antennati” with the brand name of YDF, in 1999, they won the award of the competition ‘Young and Design’ happily concretizing their remarkable ability to understand the potentiality of the client company with whom they work, interpreting the characteristics in the product. Many existing collaborations, very many completed projects. From environmental recovery and buildings of industrial archeology, to the creation of areas and environments for exhibitions, and even adventure in Food Design. Winners of the prize Good Design Award in 2007 for the modular library system Boox, produced by Rexite, Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari have worked with excellent feedback also in many other areas of architecture and furnishings.

“To grasp the specific energies of your interlocutor and find the way to strengthen them through the creation of alternative visions, often complementary to that which already exists, is a challenge which fascinates us.”

…which they said about themselves in 2013, at the opening of “ Alternate synergies. 15 years of projects for the companies” made in Milan at the Achille Castiglioni Foundation. Convinced that the best design is produced working in close contact with the client, knowing the reality of the production which must make the product, Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari have often begun to collaborate with the companies for single products, finishing by taking care of the whole image. In 2016 the collection of chairs S’mesh, designed for Diemmebi, was selected by ADI Design Index for candidacy for the “Compasso D’Oro” 2018.

“That which applies to design projects applies also to the study of a coordinated image: brand name, graphics, communication and merchandising vectors. Everything is functional in giving an image of a company’s substance.”

In 2009 they designed a line of lighting for Pedrali. The most recent being Tamara in 2019. They have designed for Blitz Bovisa, BPA, Caffè Bonomi, De Nardi, Diemmebi, Fermob/Vlaemynck, FAS Pendezza, Filippi 1971, Grand Tour Tino Sana, Il legno dalla natura alle cose, ITRE, Lema, Luxit, Mamà Design Italia, Outlook Design Italia, Pedrali, Progetti, Rexite, Sar Metal, Steiner, Treca Interiors Paris, Viganò Office, YDF.

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    Fas Pendezza l Fotball table – Ghost

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    Ghost has an elegant and charming attitude, it is a precious presence with a subtle personality. It is not a “just look don’t touch” object but it is a professional table football suitable for matches between both champions and lovers of this game. It has a transparent crystal made playing field and metal finishings.
    • Made in Bergamo, Italy
    • Playing area - Crystal 114,5 x 70 th. 0,5 cm
    • Handles - Standard
    • Feets– Adjustable