FPM Milano

FPM Milano

Innovation and International Design combined

FPM, from “FabbricaPelleterieMilano”, is a brand of luxury leather goods, which, in the last decade, continuously became widespread, and reached an acknowledged presence in the world of luxury brands. The enterprise has the mission to create, produce and distribute products of leather suitcases, leather goods and their accessories, as well as to manage their production and distribution.

In 1946, Mr. Enrico Fremder opened a factory called “Fabbrica Pelleterie Milano” on via Tito Vignoli in Milan.  From the beginning, the spirit and soul of that small factory aspired to show the entire world the beauty of Italian design and craftsmanship.

In 1975, Enrico’s son, Beppi, started working at FPM and signed a production and distribution license for the Italian market with an American multi-national leather goods corporation. Continuing FPM’s legacy of innovation, the factory designed and produced what would become the standard for luggage in the coming years, the soft sided suitcase with a zip closure.

In 2009, after decades of this successful partnership, Beppi decided to end the relationship to realize his dream of creating a new FPM-one focused on the Fremder family’s tradition of design and innovation in creating luxury luggage and leather goods.  Continuing the family tradition, Beppi’s daughters, Lodovica and Federica, have both joined the company, representing the third generation of Fremders at FPM.  Together with a talented team, they are working with enthusiasm and passion to strengthen the foundational values of FPM.

A shared aesthetic and strong friendship binds FPM to Marc Sadler, the industrial designer who breathed new life into the traditional aluminium trunk for FPM with the Bank collection.  Inspired by the classic trunk, but reimagined in a modern way, Bank utilizes the highest quality materials and avant-garde technology to stand out in the world of high-end leather goods.

Fully made in Italy, the collection is manufactured by the best craftsmen with an unyielding attention to detail.  The 128 hand-mounted rivets along with the soft Italian leather handles highlight the artisanal quality of FPM’s products.  Industrial processes and materials, standard for most of the industry, are rejected in favor of this hand-made process that along with the most durable materials give the user complete comfort during their travels.

For FPM, the respect of the environment is an essential value that is pursued through bearable management when running its activity and by supporting initiatives and projects that fight wasting the resources. Positively this enterprise takes care of the quality of the environment, by setting for itself the new aim of correctly managing second-hand goods. FPM, by starting its policy of Eco-bearableness or sustainability, thanks to a sound and reliable network of cooperators, guarantees a service of collection and recycling of aluminum and of any plastic materials that make the corporate products. This policy allows customers: both not to be worried about searching a proper place for disposal, and to succeed in helping the fight against wasting resources.

Throughout its 74 years, FPM has consistently adapted and evolved to meet the needs of the modern traveller.  FPM will build upon this history and passion and continue to innovate and provide the highest quality and reliable products for tomorrow’s traveller.

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