Heritage, Design and Craftsmanship

We are rooted in classic tailoring with the aim to revolutionize the dress style of the modern man. With the recent shift to more casual clothing in mind our aesthetics express natural elegance that can easily be dressed up or down. In todays world almost no strict rules exist that provide guidance how to dress appropriately. Luckily, variety and choice have uncovered further possibilities to express the personal lifestyle. Our goal is to help our customers to master the new normal and to develop their own personal style that truly expresses themselves.

The history of menswear has shown that there is no contradiction between relaxed and comfortable clothing and elegance. We identified that in order to be able to offer casual tailoring we have to follow traditional craft and techniques throughout the whole manufacturing process. Our fit offers an unrivalled freedom of movement and ensures that the product feels comfortable at every moment. The silhouettes are inspired by the flamboyant riviera style of the 60’s including high waisted trousers and soft constructed jackets.

Our offer includes an extensive range of custom and bespoke offerings as well as a curated selection of made to order items and leads to the possibility of shopping for an elegant statement at all times.

Bespoke can provide a fit and style that is completely unlike the other custom options. Also in terms of making the bespoke line offers the highest grade of details and handwork. The bespoke journey is usually a process that requires between three and four appointments. It is a truly personal exchange between the fitter and the customer in order to achieve an exceptional fit.

At Massura we deeply believe in environmental sustainability and support of local artisans. These are reflected in our products, as we exclusively offer custom or made to order garments from 100% natural fabrics. This means we produce only on demand, avoiding access waste and inventory. Furthermore, all our garments are handmade in Naples by skilled artisans, helping to preserve the Neapolitan art of tailoring.

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