Officina delle Essenze

Officina delle Essenze

The Allure of the Past Conveyed into Elegant Creations

It all begins in the 50s, the Lembo family has a perfumery among the streets of central Rome. We are in a full economic boom, middle-class ladies do handicraft shopping and first small cars cross Bel Paese. There is still the scent of Dolce Vita in the air, the Fiat Cinquecento is a status symbol and Italy feels the eyes of the world. Foreigners admire Cinecittà Studios and ask for Italian products, unique in their quality and style. Shortly after the creative spirit of the time, made of intuition, luxury and uniqueness, will be exported all over the world under the name of Made in Italy.

The dream of Maurizio Lembo begins in this fascinating atmosphere. Inspired by the experience gained in his father’s perfumery where women consumers could purchase historic brands like Guerlain, Coty, Caron, Penhaligon’s, Creed, Chanel and Lanvin, Maurizio established his own company. From afternoons spent in the family shop, the founder keeps the allure of the past and conveys it to his creations. The brand Officina delle Essenze was born in 2001 and now it is operating in the niche and artistic perfume sector.

The brand identity mirrors its image. Red represents passion with which it advances a project made of accomplished dreams and a corporate vision. The luxury of a refined to the finest detail products, a result of a very rigorous selection among retailers and suppliers. The emotion of those who want to feel good with a product of high artistic value.

 The client of Officina delle Essenze deserves only the best, for this reason quality is never an accident. The company is always engaged in improvement of even the smallest detail as the composition of bouquet of fragrances. We put clients at the center of all our choices and it gives us an incentive for constant research. This way we do not abandon artisan production that makes the brand an authentic representative of Made in Italy.

Those who choose Officina delle Essenze love taking care of themselves or their home. These are not only sophisticated perfumes but also a perfect design in every context, precious and elegant in order to represent something unique, the detail that you cannot do without. That is why every experience with the products of Officina delle Essenze is original and inimitable.

In 2016 thanks to the Internet and new media the company’s vision advanced its development to conquer new market shares and reach new consumers. The change of pace has resulted in two important changes: creation of an internal marketing division and introduction of new packaging for the line of diffusers. Social networks and the website offer important communication channels that help to consolidate the brand in the niche-perfume market and beyond. Maintaining its own origins and artisan spirit Officina delle Essenze looks at the future and does not stop.

After twenty years from its foundation Officina delle Essenze is a synonym of craftsmanship and luxury. A family-owned business applies the “Italian know-how” rule. The rule that has rendered Made in Italy so great worldwide.

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