Inspire Yourself and Enchant

Luxury is emotion. Wearing an exclusive accessory fulfills the desire to feel different and unique, on the one hand the object becomes part of one’s self and, on the other, the object speaks and communicates about the personality of the wearer. The interest in the realization of our products has grown thanks to the vision of a luxury that is not an end in itself, not an exaltation or an exhibition, but a search and a communication of one’s own emotions and feelings. For this reason luxury in fashion does not appear, but it is an emotional experience that transpires through the details we wear.

Therefore, our luxury lies in the details and the style that emerges -elegant, light, almost impalpable- enhances its individuality without being aware of it. Not appearance, but clothing accessories at the service of one’s personality because they are precisely those imperceptible details, those habitual and elegant singularities to be remembered. Our aspiration is therefore to create objects that can arouse emotion, that speak of their history and the history of the wearer and can thus preserve an infinite value.

Behind every collection or single component of it there is a theme, a content, a subject, nothing is left to chance because our aim is to create something unique, having distant roots, but realized in a new and modern key. Our ideas come to life from the passion for different cultural worlds, customs and traditions of various civilizations, from the artistic and intellectual expressions of the past.

Images, figures and symbols of the past blend with our interpretations, our re-enactments and our sensations to tell a story, illustrate a past moment, make a place live again through an object. Our products, thanks to their inherent elegance, live over time and in every occasion these accessories can give a chic touch to a sportswear or an exclusive imprint to a refined look. The objects we make have the purpose of enriching any style, original and refined to silently highlight their appearance and their image.

Respecting the Italian crafting tradition, we choose and carefully select the materials that we treat and manipulate in detail, to give life to unique objects, which will be made in limited series. Every product has its own essence and history that blends with the style of the owner and describes his/her identity. Each one of our creations is a unique experience and emotion. Our goal is to establish a unique link between product and owner.

A fine analysis and research of materials to achieve excellence has led us to use noble and precious yarns such as silk and cashmere to make our creations. Pleasant sensations that spring from the touch of delicate and sensual silk fabric. Sense of lightness and softness in wrapping with a cashmere garment. Two fabrics come together and blend harmoniously to enhance each other.

Craftsmanship and creativity are the principles of our work. Taking care of every detail of the product, but, above all, giving attention to the client, are our priorities. The authenticity and uniqueness of our products are given not only by the crafting process, but also by the ability to follow, from within, every step of their realization.

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