Rose & Co Manchester

Rose & Co Manchester

Allure of Elegance and Uniqueness

In the artistic and cultural panorama of the twentieth century there were important men who, thanks to their genius, their commitment and their discoveries, contributed significantly to the development of the old world. Then there are stories, perhaps we will not find them in books, of men less known and celebrated, but no less significant, who have created timeless symbols. The story of one of these men reaches us today thanks to a perfume: Rose & Co. Manchester.

The Second World War is finally over, leaving behind thousands of stories of men with their experience of pain and courage. Dreams and projects can finally come true. Among them, an English aviator, who with his plane leaves Manchester with his beloved daughter Rose.

Her great love for her gave him the strength to fight heroically for his noble ideals. That same powerful and sweet feeling will guide him on this long journey to Italy, the romantic and fragrant land where he had always dreamed of living and raising his little Rose.

Upon arrival in the country of their dreams, he creates a fragrance dedicated to her: Rose & Co Manchester, the seal of a deep love that represents a tribute to her liveliness and her joie de vivre.

A perfume that embodies the values ​​of the true man, who cares about his identity and who knows how to get what he wants, without fear and without giving up his ideals. An elegant and timeless style that characterizes the wearer of this extraordinary perfume.

Rose & Co. Manchester is a skilful blend of fragrant essences that give life to an intense and citrusy bouquet with a “bitter” note for a man who loves to stand out and does not want to be forgotten. Rose & Co. Manchester, an exclusive and slightly aristocratic perfume, whose top notes are embellished with citrus essential oils followed by a touch of aromatic rosemary. The heart notes are dominated by refined floral essences of rose and orange blossom. The final notes, so-called memory, are musky and amber with the enveloping tonka bean to seal an allure of elegance and uniqueness.

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    Rose of Manchester – Grey

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    Rose of Manchester - Grey Re-orchestrated by Sidonie Lancesseur, its warm-hued palette runs from golden pineapple to candied orange, ambery raisins, purple prunes and russet hazelnuts to the roasted duskiness of cocoa and coffee. Facets of vanilla and smoky guaiac wood evoke an outbreak of vine branches in the fireplace... Olfactory pyramid: Top: Candied orange, Nuts, Raisins, Prunes, Cocoa, Tonka bean, Cofee. Heart: Vine flowers, Everlasting flowers, Linden, Pepper, Spices. Base: Precious woods, Gaiac wood, White honey, Vanilla.
    • 100 ML
    • Made in France