Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer

The Intelligence of the Hands

Stefano Bemer started his company in 1983 with a goal no less ambitious than creating the perfect Italian shoe. Through his curiosity, he taught himself the infinite variations of shoemaking by first repairing shoes, then attending courses and workshops, and finally mastering his own technique in the way it is recognized and appreciated today. Thanks to Stefano’s commitment, the brand name became closely associated with the highest standard of Italian elegance and quality, and today, is synonymous with both style and refinement.

Stefano Bemer had a passion for shoes that will likely never be matched. Stefano not only strived to make the perfect shoe but was also deeply committed to teaching the art of shoemaking to others. His styles and lasts are quintessentially Italian with his own twist.  After Stefano’s passing in 2012 the company was purchased and now run by Tommaso Melani who expanded the company’s offering to ready to wear shoes. Stefano’s legacy lives on with the company that bears his name and a shoe school in Florence that continues to teach this dying art to others.

“My name is Tommaso Melani. I’m CEO and founder of the company that carries the name of Stefano Bemer, the unmatched Florentine shoemaker. I took over guidance of the brand after his inauspicious passing in 2012 with the support of my family business, Scuola del Cuoio -a company established by my grandfather in 1950 inside the Monastery of Santa Croce- which specializes in the production of handmade leather bags. My idea and strategy is to empower the capacity of production of the bespoke service, create a training program to cultivate the next generation of artisans, and imbue the virtues of the bespoke service into a state of the art ready-to-wear.

In late September 2012, a few months after Stefano’s passing, I met Cristina, his companion and the associate designer at Stefano Bemer. I explained my vision of training, the finest bespoke shoemaking, unparalleled made-to-order, and perfectly crafted ready-to-wear creations. She believed in it! I then selected an old chapel to house all of our operations. Speaking of sharing a vision, it turned out that Stefano himself tried to find an agreement for the same exact building a few years before. Since then, we have been working towards new achievements while staying true to the original vision of Stefano Bemer.”

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