Under the Sign of Wood

The company was born one hundred years ago, in 1920, in Valsesia, where the Toscanini family, which originated in the Piacenza Apennines, put down their roots in the early 1900s. The events between the first sawmill started by our great-grandfather and the present factory, which specialises in making clothes hangers and hanging systems, constitute a long story. A story written by persons like our father, Ettore Toscanini, people determined to grow and improve day after day with creativity, tenacity and a pinch of visionary spirit.

Following this example, today we design and produce our wooden and plexiglass clothes hangers and other products to display garments in boutiques or to organise wardrobes in the home, visualising how to make them unique, beautiful, practical and, above all, right for the person that is going to use them. Collections conceived for the world of fashion and its specific needs and collections for private homes.


We can count on unrivalled skilled craftsmanship contained in the hands and ideas of a host of able workers and on the best that technology can put at the service of creativity, so that ideas can be transformed into real objects. We believe in quality, because it is beauty and the pride of doing one’s work well. We make everything in Italy, at Isolella Sesia, because it is here that our heart beats for Made in Italy.

We decided to call our products portabiti (clothes carriers) because, among all the available options, this seems to us the most suitable name for describing them. Portare means “carry”, “support with care”, but also avvicinare – “bring something close to someone”, provide a service. And this is what our portabiti do, and know how to do well.

We can say that with us, the clothes hanger has evolved and transformed from a mere article to hang clothes into a design product. The various Italian regional definitions cramped our style, we needed a name that expressed the concepts of quality, care and elegance.

Call them as you may: grucce (cross-shaped hangers), appendini (little hangers)  omini and ometti (literally, “little men” hangers) , attaccapanni (clothes stands), bastoni (wardrobe poles) ….but when you have one of our clothes hangers in your hands you will see that it could only be called a HANGER!

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