Transcending the Olfactory Dimension

XERJOFF, Turin based Perfume House fully dedicated to luxury fragrances in its art form, was launched in 2004 by Sergio Momo with the aim of blending the most luxurious materials to complement the most affluent global lifestyles through the combination of old world craftsmanship, rare raw materials and a contemporary artistic sensibility.

Xerjoff is an expression of a journey on the precious land of rare perfumes, the place celebrating the magical affinity between the wonders of nature and the skill of Italian artisans. Xerjoff means transcending the olfactory dimension and entering a much wider universe, where perceptions and sensations are blended together to meet pure luxury. It rediscovers the golden ages when the art of perfumery was hand in hand with the multi-sensorial arts of their bottle holders. The house uses extremely precious ingredients and raw materials – such as gold, quartz or… meteorite fragments – selected from the very best offered, together with the most innovating technologies to create its unique fragrances, giving a perfect “shape” to the precious content, a mix of art and design, tradition and modernity.

Xerjoff is an olfactory exploration of the art of perfumery. A fusion of man’s ability to create and nature’s ability to provide. Only a few creations have ever been able to successfully merge the two together, one of which is Xerjoff perfumes. Through years of development, Xerjoff has gained strong alliances with many renowned Italian artists who collaborate closely to create the rare and precious art pieces. International and Italian noses, painters and sculptors, jewellery designers and glassblowers, diamond cutters and wood engravers work in harmony to create the precious scents.

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