Acca Kappa

Made in Italy Fragrances, Professional Brushes and Body Care. Italy 1869

Acqua delle Langhe

Artisanal Perfumes Made in Italy 2012

Acqua di Genova

Historic Perfume created for royalty. Italy 1853

Alberto Voglio

Fine Neapolitan Tailoring. Italy 1907


Creative Oud Fragrances. United States 2016

Antica Barbieria Colla

Luxury Grooming Products for Men. Italy 1904

Luxury Books & Gifts. United States 1994

Luxury Handmade Leather Jackets. Italy 2017

Barbarulo Napoli

Handcrafted Cufflinks, Lapel Chains & Jewls. Italy 1894

Biagio Santo

Exclusive Handmade Ties and Men’s Accessories. Italy 1972

BOIS 1920

Unique Artisan Perfumes. Italy 1920


Vintage Fragrances. Italy 1888


Niche Perfumery. England 1760

David Gotlib

Exclusive & Iconic Cufflinks Design. Belgium 2014

Deakin & Francis

Luxury Cufflinks, Jewellery & Accessories. England 1786

Ducal Firenze

Handmade Shoes. Italy 1937


Luxury Menswear, Leather Goods & Accessories. England 1893

Edward Green

Men’s English Shoes. England 1890

Etat Libre d’Orange

House of Perfume. France 2006

Faggioli Atelier

Precious Leathers. Italy 2018

FAS Pendezza

Design Game Room products. Italy 1964

FPM Milano

Luxury Travel Items and Leather Goods. Italy 1946

Frapin Perfumes

From Cognac to Exclusive Perfumes. France 1270


Exclusive Italian Tailoring. Italy 1955


tailoring collections

IGN. Joseph
Robust Attire and Accessories of Highest Artisanal Quality. made in Italy

Luxury Perfumes. France 2007


Bespoke Menswear and Gentlemen Accessories. Italy 1922

Lou di Lo

Unique Handmade Wooden Optical Eyewear and Sunglasses. Serbia

Merola Gloves

Fine Artisan Leather Gloves. Italy 1885


Parisian High-end Perfumery. France 1989

Nobile 1942

Made in Italy Perfumes and Fragrances. 1942

Officina delle Essenze

Home Fragrances and Niche Perfumes. Italy 2001


Handmade Luxury Silk and Cashmere Made in Italy Products.

Panama 1924
Classy Perfumes. Italy 1924
Pasotti 1956

Luxury Handcrafted Umbrellas, Shoehorns and Canes. Italy 1956

Patek Philippe

Luxury Watches. Switzerland 1839

Privato Gioielli Firenze

Italian Bespoke Jewelry. 2014

Profumi del Forte

Luxury Perfumes and fragrances from Tuscany. Italy 2007

Ralph Lauren

Fine Clothing and Accessories. United States 1967

Restelli Guanti

Elegant Gloves. Italy 1920

Rivolta Milano

Legendary Made-to-measure Shoes. Italy 1883

Robert Piguet Parfumes

Iconic French Fragrances. 1933

Roberto Ugolini perfumes

Unique Fragrances. Italy


Swiss Luxury Watches. 1905

Rose of Manchester

Perfumes. England

Rosendo Mateu Perfumes

Niche Fragrances. Spain 2017

Santillo 1970

Refined Tailored Shirts. Italy 1970


Artisanal Shoes Made in Italy 1975


Hand Made Jackets. Italy 2002


Luxurious Perfumes. Italy

Stefano Bemer

Made to Order and RTW shoes. Italy 1983

Stubbs & Wootton

Genuine Handmade Slippers. United States 1993

Thames & Hudson

Beautiful illustrated Books. England 1949

Tiziana Terenzi

Perfumes and Candles. Italy 1968


Custom Wooden Hangers Made in Italy. 1920


Shoe Care Accessories. Italy 2009

Viola Milano

Luxury Handmade Men’s Ties and Accessories. Italy


Luxury Perfumes. Italy 2004