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Acca Kappa
A family company that has become an industrial corporation while remaining faithful to timeless values. A love for nature, respect for the human body and production that is exclusively made in Italy. Available in the finest boutiques and flagship stores.

Acqua Di Genova
Acqua di Genova, founded in 1953, is one of the oldest and prestigious fragrance houses in Italy. The company has its origins in the fragrances created by famous perfumer Stefano Frecceri for the Royal House of Savoia.

The AMOUROUD fragrances are born out of a groundbreaking legacy. They are the evolution of the custom blending notions that won Perfumer's Workshop recognition for its visionary concepts throughout these past forty-five years.

Atacama jackets are entirely designed and produced in Italy using the best and most exclusive materials and fabrics, made great by skilled craftsmen that works since 40 years in the industry. Heritage tradition is also very important. 

Barbarulo Napoli
Barbarulo is a Neapolitan jewellery house that creates some of Italy’s finest handmade accessories. In the menswear-community, Barbarulo is best known for their high-quality cufflinks and lapel chains.

BOIS 1920
In 1920, a Florentine perfumer named Guido Galardi started crafting scents from the lavender flowers he picked in the hilly Tuscan countryside. Not much became of the Galardi family’s fragrances until 2005, when Guido Galardi decided to continue in his uncle’s footsteps.

Drake's London
Founded in 1970 by Michael Drake, the company soon found itself creating private label neck wear for some of the finest brands and stores in the world. Rumor even has it that Drake’s still makes the ties for one of Naples’ finest suppliers of cravatte sartoriali, who then add the ”made in Naples” logo in store. 

Ducal Firenze
A collection of Ducal hand-crafted shoes for men and women, using the highest quality leathers and made with extreme care, boasts seventy years of tradition and artisanal workmanship.

Edward Green
Edward Green is perhaps the quintessential ready to wear English shoe above all others, and no wonder, considering the brand has had since 1890 to perfect its craft. Edward Green shoes are all expertly made in Northampton, using the finest leathers and beautiful lasts that convey a sense of English elegance. Two of the many iconic designs are the Piccadilly penny loafer and the Dover split toe derby.

Edward Sexton

Finamore Napoli
In 1925, Caroline Finamore started her very own tailoring shop in the heart of the capital of Italian tailoring, Naples. There she created meticulously handcrafted shirts that soon became a favourite of the city's famously well-dressed elite. Finamore is today managed by the third generation of Caroline's family, who are continuing her work of making some of the finest shirts in the world.

George Cleverly
George Cleverley is one of England’s, and indeed the world’s, greatest shoemakers. For over a hundred years they have created iconic bespoke shoes to the highest standards of artisanal craftsmanship. In recent years, they have introduced a stunning range of RTW shoes, offering the Cleverley aesthetic to gentlemen who do not have the time to go through the bespoke process.

Since 1849, Savile Row-based tailors Huntsman have equipped English gentlemen with some of the finest tailoring in the world. In recent years, they have expanded their range to encompass ready to wear garments, offering their distinctly English look to those who do not have the time to go through a bespoke process.

Jacob Cohen
Founded in 1985 by Tato Bardelle, Jacob Cohën may well have been the original creators of the concept of luxury denim. The excellent craftsmanship, use of world-class fabrics, great attention to detail, and well-balanced fits make Jacob Cohën perhaps the greatest jeans in the world.

Faggioli Atelier
Faggioli Atelier is driven by a strong desire to bring forth the same work ethic to the finished product; meticulous attention to detail and the selection of the finest exotic materials in the world.  A prestigious and exclusive collection of luxury accessories destined for the men’s and women’s luxury world – complete with footwear, bags and small leather goods - strictly produced in Italy by qualified artisans that represent the excellence in our field

No detail is too little for a true gentleman, not even what toothpaste he uses. We recommend the fine, luxurious, well-tasting toothpastes from Marvis. This Florentine dental brand is a true Italian icon.

Merola is one of Italy’s finest artisanal workshops, creating handmade gloves for the past three generations. With the finest cashmere linings and soft leathers of all varieties, they will keep you warm and elegant even in the coldest days of the year.

New & Lingwood
Since 1865, New & Lingwood has been one of the world’s finest purveyors of quintessentially British menswear. Many English gentlemen get their start in elegant dress in something by New & Lingwood, as the company has been making uniforms for the prestigious Eton school for over 150 years. Today, they offer an exquisite selection RTW clothing and accessories, perfectly suited for any lover of British elegance.

Rivolta Milano

RM Williams
With over 100 yers of making boots for the Australian outback, RM Williams have the perfected the balance between rugged durability and casual elegance. Each pair is handmade in Australia using the finest uppers, creating some of the hardest wearing and comfortable pieces of footwear on the market today.

Royal Trunk
Royal Trunk is an Italian maker of luxury trunks for travel and home decor. The company takes pride in their dedication to absolute quality and craftsmanship, with each trunk taking upwards of 250 hours to make. This non-compromising attitude brings to mind a luxury of days passed, when gentlemen and ladys travelled with less haste and more style than today.

Sartoria Santarelli is an italian tailoring house from Bitonto, in the Apulia region in the southern parts of the country. While not as well known as many of the usual suspects of Italian tailoring, they produce some of the finest ready made garments in the world.

Santillo 1970
Santillo is a hidden gem of Italian shirt making. While not as well-known as many of their compatriots, the Santillo family has taken the art of shirt making to near perfection. And after close to 50 years of business, each shirt is still meticulously hand stitched in the family’s atelier.

Santoni is perhaps the greatest RTW shoe brand in Italy today, with a dedicated following among menswear connoisseurs around the world. With exceptional quality, avant-garde designs, and excellent patinas they make some of the most beautiful shoes on the market.

Sciamat, like a small jewel, is high-level masculine tailoring able to be innovative and intended for the true connoisseurs. Tailoring where the suit responds really and only to the desires of its wearer.

The best shoes in the world deserve the best care possible, and that care should come from Turms. The company was founded in 1962 in Montegranare, the Italian capital of artisanal shoemaking. Since then, this family company has created high-quality care products and accessories, to go alongside the great shoes produced by their neighboring calzolerie.

Viola Milano
Viola Milano is one of the world’s finest producers of luxury men’s accessories, and more recently clothing. Even though the company is just five years old, it has managed to establish itself as one of the first choices for the most demanding of luxury consumers.


We have a one of the largest selections of accessories on the web, a super knowledgeable staff and expert guides to help you make an informed decision. People often choose to wear comfortable clothing inside their own home. This choice of clothing may be very different to the clothing they would normally wear outside.

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