Xerjoff Elle Eau de Parfum

Xerjoff Elle Eau de Parfum


Xerjoff Elle Eau de Parfum

Elle starts with a sweet fruity note reminiscent of a mouth-watering raspberry macaroon. Later, the epicurean influence dissipates and leads to a feminine harmony of rose, jasmine and patchouli. After a while, the leather note contrasts dramatically with the delicious simplicity of the sugary start. Coumarin gives an unexpected finish and forms a solid anchor to the rest of the composition. In turn, innocently sweet or fearlessly assertive, Elle’s masterpiece execution speaks a resolutely feminine language.

  • Made in Italy
  • 100 ML
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Luxury Perfumes. Italy 2004

About the Brand

The XERJOFF brand was launched by Sergio Momo with the aim of blending the most luxurious materials to complement the most affluent global lifestyles through the combination of old-world craftsmanship, rare raw materials, and a contemporary artistic sensibility.

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100 ML