Florence 5 l Grade AAA – Genuine Louisiana Alligator Briefcase made-to-order

Florence 5 l Grade AAA – Genuine Louisiana Alligator Briefcase made-to-order


Grade AAA – Genuine Louisiana Alligator Briefcase

We have three products by this very talented Florentine Master Artisan. His laboratory caters to the crocodile and alligator accessories of the largest Italian and international fashion Maisons, yet he finds the time to create some items completely by himself.

This briefcase requires days of work and can be personalized in size and parts. Yet the most striking aspect should be the quality of the alligator leather used.

As it is well known, the Cayman crocodile (often from Asia), and the Nile crocodile are outshone by the quality and beauty of the American Alligator. Now, the best skins come from Louisiana. Considering the careful choice of suppliers with decades-long collaboration, we can safely say that it is the best in the world.

It is of course CITES certified and guaranteed with relative documentation and Master Artisan’s name and signature.

We can produce them in any color or size combination in sets of 6. Please write to the ‘Design Lab’ for details. Bulk discount applies. Corporate gifting welcome.

[Free Shipping] This item has free insured worldwide shipping with UPS Express. The normal delivery time is one month but we can deliver 2-3 safely before Christmas 2020 anywhere in the world.

[Free luxury gift box] Included.

  • Handmade in Italy
  • Leather from Hermes owned tannery

Florentine professionals from the interconnected fields of fashion, architecture, art history, and design.

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