Florence5 l Fabergé-style Champagne Cooler in Pure Silver 999/1000

Florence5 l Fabergé-style Champagne Cooler in Pure Silver 999/1000


Fabergé-style Champagne Cooler in Pure Silver 999/1000

The ‘Emerald’ champagne cover and cooler. Handmade in pure silver 999 by Master Artisan Stefano Vigni. Unique piece, signed by the artist.

We love this collection of champagne covers and coolers because they are the teamwork of several Florentine silversmiths. In this case, Stefano as you can read on the cover inspired by the famous Fabergé Eggs. Furthermore, the silver used is not the usual maximum of 925/1000 (where other metals are mixed to give hardness), but 999/1000. A pure as it gets, with green enamel and real rubies.

This luxe champagne cover/glacette in solid silver 999/°° plated in 24K gold and handcrafted over several months by the expert hands of master goldsmith Stefano Vigni as an homage to the preciousness of the Fabergé Eggs. The addition of emerald enamel and small red stones add vibrancy to the whole, finely embossed and chased to achieve a splendid geometric design of unrivaled refinement.

• Material: Silver 999/1000, 24K gold finish, green enamel, semiprecious stones
• Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5 x H 25.5 cm (4.13 x 4.13 x H 10 in.)
• Handmade in Florence by master Artisan Stefano Vigni

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24K gold finish, green enamel, semiprecious stones, Silver 999/1000



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