Grace – precious crocodile hide belt, model Regis

Grace – precious crocodile hide belt, model Regis


Grace – precious crocodile hide belt, model Regis

Available options:

Regis belt with polished brass buckle(gold) or polished nickel buckle(silver), at 32mm and 38mm width in a variety of colors.

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Hand-dyed Custom Exotic Leather Belts. USA 2013

GRACE is an exclusive experience for those seeking a statement in luxury.

Handmade in South Africa and using the most exclusive and precious Nile crocodile leather Crocodylus Niloticus.

Each piece is hand-dyed to perfection in a wide spectrum of unique colors. Buckles are designed with a particular attitude for one’s aesthetic and style. All of which are completely interchangeable,  dedicated by the width of 32mm or 38mm.

Available upon request, bespoke color customization service is also offered.

The ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary.


Additional information

Belt size

100cm, 105cm, 110cm, 115cm, 120cm, 85cm, 90cm, 95cm

Belt width

32mm, 38mm

Belt color

Canary, Garnet(bordeaux), Midnite (navy blue), Olive, Royal, Slate, Violet



Country of Origin

South Africa