Lou di Lo wooden eyewear – model SVAROG

Lou di Lo wooden eyewear – model SVAROG


After two years of constant experimenting and testing their wooden eyewear is proudly presented as a premium brand in wood handcrafted eyewear. Every piece of wood used in the production of sunglasses and optical frames is carefully selected by hand to make sure that it will give the stability and unique look to every single piece of wooden eyeglasses. Every pair goes through a long process of designing, shaping, and finishing before it reaches the client. They pay a big attention to details that make them stand out from the crowd. The environment is very important to LdL so they are giving back to nature by planting a tree for every pair they sell.

Lou di Lo eyewear set contains:

MODEL SVAROG – Selection in Black and Brown

  • personalization with the name of the owner laser engraved in the handle of the sunglasses.
  • lenses fitted (different colors with UV 400 protection if sunglasses and demo lens if prescription glasses made by POL OPTIC – www.poloptic.com)
  • exclusive hand made natural leather case with Lou di Lo logo
  • cleaning cloth with Lou di Lo logo
  • ALU can with a mixture of beeswax and olive oil for maintenance
  • high-quality shipping box
  • EU declaration of conformity
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Unique Handmade Wooden Optical Eyewear and Sunglasses. Serbia 2016

Bog Oak is one of the most expensive and the most precious kind of wood in the world.

Searching it and mining from rivers, lakes, swamps, and gravel pits is a very complicated and time-consuming process, and it could easily be compared to looking for treasures.

Every model is unique, uniquely made by artistic wood design, where the personal taste and skills of us as the manufacturer according to our ideas and design are expressed in the production. 

This hand-shaped and made wooden frames are protected by a coating of a mixture of the highest quality pure beeswax and virgin olive oil according to their recipe, hand rubbing with a cotton cloth, and then hand polishing, which classifies the product as a 100% natural product. In this manner, Lou di Lo designs and manufactures over 50 different models of wooden spectacle frames.

During the manual finalization of the product, great attention is paid to details, comfort, and the final design, which makes the product superior compared to the competition. During this process, the product goes through over 60 different treatments.

A special collection of “SAURUS” frames is completely made from the fossil oak tree (Bog Oak), aged from several hundred to several thousand years as stated before.

The MULTI LAYERS TECHNOLOGY™ fabrication process joins multiple layers of pure wood by interlacing layers of horizontal and vertical wood fibers, where the strength of the frame is greatly increased.

This technique enabled the frames to be elegant and on the other hand to provide the necessary flexibility and strength. It enables the long-term use and durability of the product. In addition to constructive improvements, the application of this system also achieves a modern design of combining different colors and structures of wood.

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