Nobile 1942 – Muschio Nobile

Nobile 1942 – Muschio Nobile


Nobile 1942 – Muschio Nobile

Muschio Nobile is a shared / unisex perfume by Nobile 1942. The scent was launched in 2011

Olfactive Family : FLORAL MUSK

Musk and Amber have always evoked aphrodisiac atmospheres. The love of which they become ambassadors, however, in Muschio Nobile, deviates from the carnal instinct, typical of animal musk (whose use is now obsolete), and assumes the transparency of a hyperuranic love, which enhances and raises the soul, without affecting its purity.

“A good smell”, a new interpretation of white musk by Stefania Giannino. Clean, pure and cristalline, it’s a very intimate perfume that people feel if they come close to you. Conventionally musk is a considered a feminine smell, but thanks to the balance of its ingredients, Muschio Nobile is perfect also for men. That’s why it’s the best seller in one of the most important barber shop in Milan, where clients are 99% men!


Top Notes: bergamot, pepper, white tea, carrot seeds.

Heart Notes: iris, white musk, jasmin.

Base Notes: musk, amber, benzoin,  sandalwood.

  • Made in Italy
  • 100 ML




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Made in Italy Perfumes and Fragrances. 1942

About the Brand

In 1942 a man decided to start a new company in Rome. Umberto Nobile is synonymous with luxury perfumes. Driven by the love for everything that is beautiful and a passion passed on from father to son, Umberto started his search for the highest quality standards. With a curiosity about other customs, lifestyles, and cultures, the Nobile family drew inspiration from products throughout Europe. They remained true to the Italian tradition of the craftsmanship of scents, gold and jewelry, and the world-famous Italian style that is imitated by so many.

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