Nobile 1942 – Patchouli Nobile

Nobile 1942 – Patchouli Nobile


Nobile 1942 – Patchouli Nobile

PATCHOULI NOBILE is an elixir of youthful spirit, in other words, the capacity of astonishment, enthusiasm, fighting for ideals, risking for love, rebelling against conventions, and swimming against the tide. The evocative magic of PATCHOULI NOBILE enfolds the soul and brings out the yearning for freedom and the courage to dare and go beyond. It is a fragrance incorporating the desire for renewal, change, and interior revolution.

Olfactive Family : WOODY AMBER

No matter if someone likes it or not, you’ll better know that it is really masculine, but on women it become elegant, enveloping.It is like a high heel: you may not wear it every day, but it is always charming. An emotional journey: a return to the origins following our primordial instinct. On Sunday Times, on November 2009, when Patchouli Nobile was launched, Luca Turin, the most accreditated critic in the perfumed world, defined it as “one among the 10 fragrances most interesting at the moment”. How can we disagree?Warning! This fragrance cannot be spayed on paper blotters. Why? Our patchouli maceration lasts at least six months. Only if it’s sprayed on skin, we can appreciate all the amazing service olfactive facets of this fragrance.

Top notes: lemon, white pepper, fresh notes, incense.

Heart notes: jasmin, patchouli, gaiac wood, cistus.

Base notes: ambery notes, labdanum, tonka bean, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss.

  • Made in Italy
  • 100 ML


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Made in Italy Perfumes and Fragrances. 1942

About the Brand

In 1942 a man decided to start a new company in Rome. Umberto Nobile is synonymous with luxury perfumes. Driven by the love for everything that is beautiful and a passion passed on from father to son, Umberto started his search for the highest quality standards. With a curiosity about other customs, lifestyles, and cultures, the Nobile family drew inspiration from products throughout Europe. They remained true to the Italian tradition of the craftsmanship of scents, gold and jewelry, and the world-famous Italian style that is imitated by so many.

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