Officina delle Essenze – Morning Forest vapo

Officina delle Essenze – Morning Forest vapo


Officina delle Essenze – Morning Forest vapo

The crispy morning air echoes in a panorama of firs. Morning Forest is an uphill walk at dawn among evergreens with a lukewarm sun rising behind the glacier. The typical smell of alpine paths and the sound of the steps on the fallen leaves while the fresh breeze of the wood invigorates the soul.

Morning Forest perfume gun has a more concentrated and intense composition therefore it’s the ideal product in order to scent wide spaces with an instant effect. The perfume gun gives the maximum freedom in vaporizing the product. Basing on your demands you can choose freely and with a simple action the intensity, the regularity and the place to spray the fragrance.

  • 100 ML

Home Fragrances and Niche Perfumes. Italy 2001

About the Brand

It all began in the 50s, the Lembo family has a perfumery among the streets of central Rome. We are in a full economic boom, middle-class ladies do handicraft shopping and first small cars cross Bel paese. There is still the scent of Dolce Vita in the air, the Fiat Cinquecento is a status symbol and Italy feels the eyes of the world. Foreigners admire Cinecittà Studios and ask for Italian products, unique in their quality and style. Shortly after the creative spirit of the time, made of intuition, luxury and uniqueness will be exported all over the world under the name of Made in Italy.

The dream of Maurizio Lembo begins in this fascinating atmosphere. Inspired by the experience gained in his father’s perfumery where women consumers could purchase historic brands like Guerlain, Coty, Caron, Penhaligons, Creed, Chanel, and Lanvin, Maurizio established his own company. From afternoons spent in the family shop, the founder keeps the allure of the past and conveys it to his creations. The brand Officina delle Essenze was born in 2001 and now it is operating in the niche and artistic perfume sector.

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