Orequo Silk and Cashmere double sided Scarf – Liuto

Orequo Silk and Cashmere double sided Scarf – Liuto


LIUTO – a luxurious double-sided scarf in cashmere and silk.

Medieval zoomorphic miniatures are made up like a decoration along the entire length of the scarf. Each design presents a background of colorful intertwinings of Art Nouveau branches and flowers. The floral delicacy is combined with the extravagance of the frieze in animal forms.

Size: 67 x 180 cm.

  • 100% twill silk on one side and 100% cashmere on the other side.
  • The combination of the two fabrics was designed and created respecting the delicacy of both materials, thus creating an object that stands out for its lightness and softness, but at the same time warm and enveloping.
  • Made in Italy thanks to national textile supply chains.
  • To keep the beauty of the object unaltered over time, we always recommend dry cleaning in a specialized center.
  • PERSONALIZATION AVAILABLE on MTO basis ( pls specify up to three letters of your choice and contact us)
  • MTO orders are not refundable
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Handmade Luxury Silk and Cashmere Made in Italy Products. 2018

For Orequo, the true luxury is emotion. Wearing an exclusive accessory fulfills the desire to feel different and unique. Luxury lies in the details and the style that emerges, elegant, light, almost impalpable, enhances its individuality without being aware of it. Not appearance, therefore, but clothing accessories at the service of one’s personality because they are precisely those imperceptible details, those habitual and elegant singularities to be remembered. Orequo creates objects that can arouse emotion, that speak of their history and the history of the wearer and can thus preserve an infinite value.

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