Restelli Guanti – Cashmere fashion gloves – Beige

Restelli Guanti – Cashmere fashion gloves – Beige


Restelli Guanti is a famous Milanese glovemaker. Since the 1920s they are the purveyor of the finest hand-made gloves to the elite. 

Men’s fashion gloves executed in the finest 3ply cashmere and lined with softest cashmere stockinette. Ideal for wintertime, both in the city and in the mountains. The tip of the wrist is piped with the softest goatskin leather.

  • Main material: 2/28000 cashmere wool.
  • Full cardigan stitch work.
  • Back of hand: smooth and regular.
  • Lining: 100% cashmere stockinette.
  • Small lateral split.
  • Wrist length: 2 and ¼
  • Colors:  Beige with grey lining

For connoisseurs of great taste, class and elegance!

Restelli is fully embracing the challenges of a new era where the market and the way of selling have changed deeply by valuing respect of tradition and love for beautiful “things” that last!

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Brand Story:

Restelli Guanti is one of Milan’s oldest fashion firms: their activity began in the 1920s and has continued ever since. Today, Restelli gloves are produced in the same rooms where the first production line started almost 100 years ago. This is simply beautiful and thrilling and leads them to work with inspiration and pride. Restelli Guanti loves their gloves: they love creating them, producing them, and seeing their customers wear them. It just makes them happy to think that their products are sold everywhere in the world.

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