Roberto Ugolini – Blue Suede Shoes

Roberto Ugolini – Blue Suede Shoes


Roberto Ugolini – Blue Suede Shoes

Classic masculine elegance, aromatic sophistication and luxurious finesse!
With so much dynamic inspiration, it followed that a scent named for these Blue Suede Shoes had to be equally dramatic and full of character. Visualized by creative director Herbert Stricker and executed by perfumers Blanca Dalmau and Christian Carbonnel, this scent is a rock and roll scent. Immediately, Blue Suede Shoes shows its fresh, herbaceous, and spicy character. Tart bergamot and aromatic lavender are accentuated by anise and pepper. The heart notes exude a woody and rather a dry tone. Cedarwood contributes significantly to this but also helps to tame the rambunctious patchouli, fine amber and creamy sandalwood triad that emerges in the base to support the woods. The fresh, spiced woods are softened by an almost creamy-sweet combination of grassy vetiver, bittersweet tonka been and mossy labdanum. The elegant steel blue bottle upholds the message that Blue Suede Shoes is an expressive citrus and aromatic woods fragrance, equally appreciated by gentlemen as by ladies.
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Family: Woody & Citrus
Top note: Bergamot, lavender, anise, pepper
Heart note: Patchouli, amber, cedarwood, sandal wood
Base note: Vetiver, tonka bean, labdanum
  • Made in Italy
  • 100 ML
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About the Brand 

Roberto Ugolini is an Italian brand founded in 2019. “From all over the globe, aficionados of the finest custom shoes in the world make their way to Florence, and specifically to Via dei Michelozzi, right in Piazza Santo Spirito. For this is where the inconspicuous and rather humble entrance to a small workshop nestled between an osteria and a café is the gateway to the finest leather craftsman in the world: Roberto Ugolini. For more than two decades, Ugolini has refined his craft to the point where his shoes are revered by people from Singapore to New York.

Entering the Ugolini workshop is like entering wonderland, one scented by the fine Florentine leather test shoes lined up in rows, exuding a sense of rarified luxury, fine waxes and balms, and exquisite taste. Long a passionate collector of unusual and artistic fragrances himself – perhaps owing to the sensory luxuriousness that links fine leather and perfume – Roberto Ugolini was encouraged by a long-time customer, the German perfume connoisseur and craftsmanship enthusiast Herbert Stricker, to make the leap from fragrance enthusiast and collector to creative director of his own line of fine fragrances.

Drawing on Stricker’s long experience as a retail distributor of fragrance, together they worked on a carefully edited line of fragrances that reflect the history and artisanship of Florentine craftspeople. In this spirit, the leather label of each bottle is punched by hand and carefully placed on the bottles, and the caps are made of fine ram’s horn (available as matte or polished).

Roberto Ugolini’s perfumes are timeless, unique and tasteful. Wearing one of them is like choosing to wear a hand-made leather shoe or a bag made by the hands of a Florentine craftsman, each detail reflective of long hours of loving labour and respect for history and tradition. These scents emphasize rather than compete with their wearer’s personal identity and their desire for individuality.” – a note from the brand.

Blue Suede Shoes refers not only to the material but – of course – to the famous song of Elvis Presley. A legendary piece of music history, this eponymous rock ‘n’ roll song by Carl Perkins was released in 1956 and is one of the most successful singles ever. That same year, the King, Elvis Presley, recorded a slightly faster cover version. Although not planned as a single, it landed in the single charts and made the song world-famous. The lyrics are witty, formed of the words of someone who truly idolizes his blue suede shoes: “Do what you want, hit me down, light my house, steal my car … but just do not step on my blue suede shoes.”


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