Rosendo Mateu – Olfactive Expressions – Nº 1

Rosendo Mateu – Olfactive Expressions – Nº 1


Rosendo Mateu – Olfactive Expressions – Nº 1 


Rosendo Mateu’s number 1 perfume is inspired by Mediterranean spring and sea freshness.

The perfume opens with aromatic aspects of the sun-kissed coastal landscapes of the southern European Mediterranean: Notes of bergamot from Calabria, Spanish lime and Sicilian mandarin are in the air, mixed with rosemary, thyme, lavender and sage flavors.

Tope Notes:

At the heart of the fragrance are jasmine, lily of the valley, bitter orange blossoms and green tea, subtly spiced with green pepper and cardamom – accompanied by a base of sandalwood, iris and white musk.

  • 100 ML
  • Made in Spain
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Niche Fragrances. Spain 2017

About the Brand 


Rosendo Mateu is the living image of a self-made man, this is reflected in his work and especially in its perfectionism that touches each of his creations. For 40 years, Mateu has been one of the specialists at Puig, one of the world’s most prestigious perfume companies. During that time he has developed dozens of fragrances, which carry his personal signature and the ambition to achieve a combination of commerciality together with the creation of a unique product.

After his work for some of the biggest international brands, Mateu devoted part of his time to more ambitious projects such as the development of customized perfumes, which led him to study subjects as diverse as the Greek civilization, the Roman Empire or the paintings of Francis Bacon. Precisely with the latter, he took on one of the greatest challenges that can face any fragrance expert: to design a fragrance for an exhibition dedicated to the English painter. He spent months studying the smell of paints, canvases, humidity levels and even the time that Bacon lived and worked. The result gives an idea of the level of involvement that this veteran maestro assumes with each of his projects.

Master Perfumer since 2010 (one of the few in Europe) in 2017 Mateu faced a new challenge: the creation of a new collection under his own label. 6 fragrances that can be used indistinctly by men and women.

After his first limited collection, Mateu is finally ready to show why he is considered to be one of the best perfumers in the world.  Since 2017, Rosendo Mateu collection is available in the best shops around the world. An exquisite design of both the bottle and the packaging, supervised by the master himself and his son Joan Mateu, make the perfect finish to the whole experience. An impeccable product, from the hand of a man who has dedicated his life to the world of fragrance.

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