Stefano Bemer – shoehorn in real horn

Stefano Bemer – shoehorn in real horn


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Stefano Bemer had a passion for shoes that will likely never be matched.  Stefano not only strived to make the perfect shoe but was also deeply committed to teaching the art of shoemaking to others. His styles and lasts are quintessentially Italian with his own twist.  After Stefano’s passing in 2012 the company was purchased and now run by Tommaso Melani who expanded the company’s offering to ready to wear shoes. Stefano’s legacy lives on with the company that bears his name and a shoe school in Florence that continues to teach this dying art to others.

Stefano Bemer, a purveyor of the Essential Florentine elegance.

The best accessories for the finest hand-made shoes.

Real shoe-horn with Stefano Bemer engraved graphic. Essential for your wardrobe and even can be a perfect gift.


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