Turms – Calf shoe care set

Turms – Calf shoe care set


Calf shoe care set

We have created this special box to offer you the perfect gift for your shoes. This box helps you to keep your shoes lasting longer than even the expert shoemaker expected!

What’s inside?

1 Big Shoe brush, made of beech painted with waterbased color and real horsehair bristles
2 polish brushes: one round for the cream and the other for the polish wax
1 Welt Brush. This unique brush is made for the joint between the upper and the welt
1 Cotton cloth for the hand-finishing phase
1 Foldable travel shoehorn, made of brass and real leather, hand-painted
1 Glass jar Ml 100 with All-purpose cleaner and conditioner leather cream
2 Polish wax Ml 75, available in aluminum tins with a screw system.

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Shoe Care Accessories. Italy 2009

Brand Story:

After serving some of the best shoemakers of the world for nearly 60 years, Turms was born in 2009, out of the family business Formificio Veregra. Its aim is to produce excellence while preserving a precious cultural heritage: craftsmanship in danger of extinction. Their goal is to create something great and genuine, of real value with love. They have chosen Turms, the messenger of the Etruscan gods and protector of travelers, as their symbol, for his winged sandals and for what the Etruscans believed in,  that he acted as an intermediary, between humans and the gods, and between the gods themselves.

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